Sikkens Introductory Autowave Training:

This two day training class covers the latest Sikkens refinish processes from Colorbuild 250 Sealer, Autowave Basecoats, and Superior 250 Clearcoat. Topics covered will be use of proper safety equipment, safe disposal of waste products, recommended spray equipment, technical theory, and application techniques. Hands-on application will involve overall refinishing techniques, as well as processes to perform invisible spot repairs.


  • Upon completion, students will understand best practice application and blend techniques for Sikkens Autowave.
  • Increased productivity and problem solving skills
  • Reduce the number of redos and enhance customer satisfaction

Sikkens Advanced Autowave Training: (Tri-Coat, Blending)

This two day training class is designed to assist the experienced paint technician in the application of Sikkens three stage base coat systems. The course will cover technical theory and application of intricate three coat pearl and three coat metallic finishes. This includes application and spot repairs of these systems.


  • Continued development of application and spot repair skills
  • Advanced techniques for three stage systems
  • Improved problem solving skills
  • Improved productivity / reduced re-do's / enhanced CSI.

(This program may qualify the participant for I-CAR Gold Class hours)

Sikkens Autowave Color Tinting:

This three day intensive color course teaches the principal of color theory with subject matter ranging from color direction to color and brightness flip. The students learn the effects of spray technique on color as well as tinting procedures that will enable them to control off-shade paint. This extensive course goes into detail on solid, 2-step metallic and 3 step pearl color theory. Students will participate in over 75 exercises in color matching.


  • Students learn elements affecting the variations in OEM colors
  • Students establishing a standard vocabulary on color tinting
  • Reduce amount of time needed to adjust colors
  • Improve problem solving and color tinting skills
  • Classroom exercises and hands on "Wet Course" (we will be spraying paint)
  • Shops keep Color Tinting Binders and all Tinting Swatches
  • Student qualifies for 6 I-CAR Gold Class Points

(This program may qualify the participant for I-CAR Gold Class hours)

Sikkens Solving Application Errors:

The flawless paint job is always the result of craftsmanship, experience, and quality paint. The application of the paint system on a vehicle seems to be a relatively simple job. It is not until one observes all the possible application errors that can occur that the degree of specialization required is realized. Course participants will be instructed how to recognize, analyze, and prevent 28 possible application errors. In this course, participants analyze the refinish process and see where risks for errors can be met, the impact of such errors, and corrective actions required.


  • Increased production because of decreased redo's due to application errors & efficient application techniques.
  • Increased Material Profit because of decreased redo's
  • Increased Labor Profit savings because of decreased redo's
  • Error reduction thus time saving because of preventative action

For more information regarding Sikkens Refinish Training programs, please contact your local Chase sales representative or send us an inquiry via the Contact Form.