Over 30 years ago, Sikkens became the first manufacturer to offer hands on technical training courses for their customers. From the very beginning of our relationship with Sikkens, Chase realized that these training programs enabled our customers to get the maximum profit out of Sikkens products. Our customers reported improved productivity, reduced product consumption and an overall reduction in redos.

30 years later... this has not changed. In fact, through the years the necessity to attend training courses has become greater. To this end Chase has invested in three dedicated training facilities to help our customers meet their training needs.

Our programs are manufacturer developed and taught by factory certified instructors. Additionally many of our programs qualify the participant for I-CAR Gold Class hours.

Sikkens training courses utilize the appropriate balance of theory and hands-on exercises to prepare paint technicians for the ever changing challenges that they face in the car refinish industry. Ultimately, people make the difference; therefore, the technicians working in your body shop are a key determining factor in your profitability.

In addition to our standardized Sikkens Autowave training programs, we also offer specialized application training for our LV650 and U-TECH fleet and commercial lines.

Non-Paint Related Training

Chase is pleased to offer both in shop and training center based programs including: polishing and detailing, introduction to paint preparation, plastic repair, body repair processes, and specialized equipment training. We run regular evening informational sessions showcasing the newest products and processes from a wide range of suppliers.