Color at its Best

Sikkens refinish systems are unsurpassed both in color accuracy and hiding power. At Chase, we offer a simple but powerful set of color tools and the complementary training which enables you to get a superior color match faster and easier than ever before. With our handheld Automatchic 3 color matching tool, you can measure any color within seconds. With our color retrieval software Mixit Pro, you can find the right basecoat formula quickly and easily. ColorScala Pro is a state-of-the-art, highly efficient variant/documentation system. Last but not least, we offer a wide range of additional products and services, including advanced retrieval and weighing systems and color tinting training.

Automatchic 3

Automatchic 3 is the Sikkens color measuring instrument that makes perfect color matching fast and easy.

Perfect color measurement:

Automatchic 3 meets the needs of today's professional painters. Based on state of the art LED technology, it ensures perfect color accuracy over the lifetime of the instrument. Three positioning pins allow for accurate readings on curved surfaces and a stray light barrier prevents interference from external light sources making sure you achieve the most accurate result.

Mixit Pro

Formula updates at the push of a button:
Mixit Pro is Akzo Nobel's formula retrieval software for perfect color matching. When connected to the Internet, Mixit Pro will synchronize to download the latest available updates of formulas and software. With a step by step help function, searching and finding the is very easy as well as reliable.

Beyond formula retrieval:
Mixit Pro has everything you need for fast and efficient color management. Furthermore, Mixit Pro supports you with a range of process driven functions. This includes assigning multiple work orders to a single mix, pausing and resuming a mix and reporting of material costs per job. Easy inventory management completes the functionality of Mixit Pro.

Color on Display and Color Variant Descriptor
Color on Display and Color Variant Descriptor are two powerful new color tools that give professionals the most accurate on-screen representation and description of both standard colours and color variants.

Color Documentation

AkzoNobel offers a wide variety of color documentation tools to assist the painter in visually selecting the correct color to match the vehicle. ColorScala Pro is our variant deck with individually sprayed color chips grouped by car manufacturer. This system is easy to use, highly accurate, and easily updated.

Retrieval & Weighing Systems

Using Sikkens advanced tools and software, you can find, mix and weigh any color within seconds, with no guesswork and minimal waste. The resulting color can be sprayed on a test panel for color verification, after which the system can also perform corrective tinting. No more searching, no more tinting by trial and error.

Color Tinting Training

In addition to our state of the art color tools Chase and AkzoNobel offer a three day intensive color course which teaches the effects of spray technique on color as well as tinting procedures that will enable them to control off-shade paint. This extensive course goes into detail on solid, 2-step metallic and 3 step pearl color theory. Students will participate in over 75 exercises in color matching.

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