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    Traditionally, a metal or paper card is used when trying to colour match a bumper to a metal panel. This can often lead to colour discrepancy because the static properties of the metal card are different than those of the plastic bumper. With Bumper Cards, the plastic card behaves exactly as the plastic bumper will, so rework is reduced and job efficiency will be improved.

    The key is to treat the cards exactly like you treat the bumper:
    • If a wax or grease remover is required for the bumper, use it on the card
    • If sanding or scuffing is needed on the bumper, do the same to the card
    • If an adhesion promoter is applied to the bumper, do the same to the card
    • If you prime the bumper, prime the card
    • If you seal the bumper, seal the card

    The cards come in two colours: Black and Grey. Black cards will be most frequently used but the grey may be desired when colour matching lighter coloured bumpers.

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    3-1/2" x 7" Bumper Cards™ Black



    3-1/2" x 7" Bumper Cards™ Gray


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